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Bakeries; Custom conveyors, hoppers, catwalks, platforms, a variety of machined drive and idler rolls, both solid and fabricated from tubing of straight and crowned, machined from Stainless Steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and UHMW. We are familiar with NFS standards.

Poultry Processing Equipment; Formed round stock, tanks, miscellaneous machined parts

Pulp and Paper Industry; Journal replacement or repair, welding, build-up and machine to original specification, and duplicate obsolete machine parts

Electrical Controls; Fabricate custom sheet metal cabinets to NEMA code, and custom aluminum or copper electrical adapters

Plating Industry; Tanks, various copper hooks and machined parts

PET Bottling Industry; Various material handling chutes and conveyors, custom quality control gauges

Architectural Fabrication; Custom door pulls, sunscreens, brake metal aluminum and stainless steel, door kick plates and corner trim, forming aluminum extrusions to a designated radius or custom pattern supplied by the customer

High Performance Automotive Parts; Engrave valve covers, high performance shifter forks machined from 4140 heat-treated steel, repair/weld aluminum and magnesium castings and re-machine when necessary.


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